Our Value Proposition

We are world class consultants who provide expert advice in areas that we have personally experienced. We know what we are talking about because we have done it. We can help you because we have been in your shoes. We understand the business and government arenas and have achieved successful results in large scale global environments. Our clients are both public and private sector executives who are challenged with major enterprise changing initiatives. These initiatives are focused on business growth, product innovation, M&A, process improvements and operational efficiencies. When you need help, you want to have someone beside you with the experience and expertise to successfully guide you through the barriers and obstacles. We provide results that make a difference and that foster success.

Our services concentrate in four areas:

Strategy, Alignment and Governance; Technology Management; Enterprise Transformation; IT Sourcing Strategies. We believe that these four areas are the critical issues that determine success or failure of an enterprise as it adapts to the global market conditions. We address these areas with, process, methodology and operational expertise, coupled by partners with augmenting solutions. Our experience in these areas enables our actions, plans and metrics which provide our clients a jumpstart on the issues and a sustaining capability to monitor and measure ongoing activities. Our experience provides for the speed of execution which is essential to gain competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Carrow Consulting

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