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Enterprise change typically involves new processes, changes of product lines, new offerings, mergers, acquisitions and the enabling system changes that support these activities. All of this impacts people, both internally to the enterprise as well as customers, suppliers and partners. Carrow Consulting is focused on the change management associated with the transformation. Our practice builds on the lessons learned from our work with GE and the change management model to drive enterprise wide change. While simple in concept, the interactions of vision, project schedules, communications, metrics, training become the focus for successful change management.

“Business led and technology enabled” is the Carrow Consulting mantra for implementing lasting change in large enterprises. That means that the.focus on managing the change process is all about communications, team alignment, having the right metrics and staying the course for sustained pay back. Knowing where to apply the resources in a changing environment requires the experience of having done it before, Whether it is new processes supported by an ERP, cost reduction challenges to improve margins, or implementing an Outsourcing and Off-shoring progam, the experience of having done it before is critical to achieving the end results.

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