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Business Growth is driven by innovation. Being able to drive new ideas to the marketplace is a matter of investment in skills, processes, determination and speed. We provide our expertise to emerging technology companies, Universities, Private Equity and Venture Capital entities to drive commercialization and marketing strategies. We have deep rooted experience in the fields of Information Technology and the emerging markets of Alternative Energy, Power Storage, and Smart Grid Technology. We bring with this experience the methodology and project management skills to move thru the commercialization process. We also provide the marketing and sales expertise to determine pricing models, value propositions, and business case ROIs that are crucial to meet customer expectations.

With a premium on job creation and the US return to global leadership in product innovation, design and production, Carrow Consulting works with new companies to accelerate the process of commercialization. A recent example of this is the patent pending work for on-line print verification which will make more efficient the print industries response for high quality color managed print to advertising customers. Working with the inventors of this technology, Carrow Consulting has helped shaped the final test activity, the pricing model with an ROI calculator, and the marketing and sales approach for this technology. Business growth is driven by innovation and speed to market.

With our first hand experience as a CIO in both a public and private sector environment, Carrow Consulting understands the role of technology management and the need for business cases and change management processes to drive the acceptance of new technology. The Carrow Consulting experience can help you with the investment decisions and in the follow up to ensure delivery on that investment.

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