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We are now in the second generation of outsourcing key process and functions of IT. With that has come a greater understanding of the processes behind this outsourcing and the differences in sourcing for infrastructure, applications development and applications maintenance. Carrow Consulting has experienced all aspects of IT outsourcing and is positioned to help our clients in these aspects. Whether it be determining what areas to outsource, preparing the statements of work and contracts, selecting the appropriate vendors or actually conducting the technology transfer phases of the outsourced arrangement, Carrow Consulting has experienced and developed the methodologies to make this transition successful for all parties.

While maturation has occurred in how enterprises acquire and manage software licenses and hardware procurement, it is clear the IT Sourcing has evolved into a profession in itself. The need to have skilled professions who deal with the vendor management issues and the continuing changing pricing models is clearly evident. Most organizations need help in this area. It is not a matter of the sophistication of a procurement organization nor is it a matter of package selection by the functional team. IT Sourcing is about skilled professionals who can rapidly and repeatedly negotiate for enterprise economies and win-win agreements that provide for mutual success. Carrow Consulting brings to the table the experience professional Sourcing leadership to provide the Sourcing Managed Service for any enterprise.

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