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There's an "old" expression - at least since the dawn of personally identifying data traversing the Internet - that "without security, there is no privacy". Today, we would update that saying to "without cybersecurity, there is no privacy".

All of Carrow Consulting's focus areas (Strategy, Alignment and Governance; Technology Management; Enterprise Transformation; and Sourcing Strategies) are predicated on a secure and mature enterprise environment - people, process and technology - in the area of information governance (all the activities and disciplines involving data, such as privacy, (cyber)security, e-discovery and Big Data). In other words, company growth can best be realized when its information systems and people using them are operating securely and in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes value.

Security incidents, such as personal data breaches and intellectual property thefts, are not only costly to companies, but also distractions to companies' primary business strategy. Compliance issues, such as opening unauthorized bank accounts and adding unauthorized services to phone and cable accounts, not only result in costly penalties and fines, but also tarnish company reputations and diminish brand value.

Therefore, appropriate information governance, including (cyber)security, proper handling of personal data, and effective checks and balances in process data flow, is critical to companies' success. This means companies' people, process and technology need to be able to support the changing risk profiles growing companies experience as they adopt new business models. Company workforces need to be robustly trained, processes need to support fast cycle times and technology needs to be business-led. If this sounds like culture might be eating your company's strategy for breakfast, then let Carrow Consulting help develop your SAGE Factor so that your enterprise's (cyber)security and privacy practices help drive your business forward.

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