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Much has been written about the need for a solid business strategy and the need for business alignment around that strategy and the need for governance within the business. Usually these fundamentals are discussed in isolation, when the real power is in the recognition that a business needs all three of these principles, in place, operational and measurable to EXECUTE and achieve successful outcomes. Having one without the others, predicts doom. Not clearly measuring the status of each, in an ongoing process, invites surprises and poor results. The goal of our work is to put in place the deliverable artifacts and processes within each of these activities, make sure that they interrelate, apply best practices in each area and then measure them over a sustained time period. We call this "The SAGE Factor". So, the question for you is how is your Sage Factor? Do you know? Let us assess where you are and help you establish the essentials to a winning business strategy that can be executed.

Every activity has the need for a well articulated strategy and mission to drive the goals of the organization. This strategy development effort can be at the enterprise level or at the individual function or business unit level. While CEOs and Executive Committees are often faced with defining the strategy for the business, CIOs are often faced with the issue of developing a strategy that enables the business to achieve its goals. These plans usually call for the implementation of new technologies to achieve improved operational processes, enhance customer services, or lower costs of operations. Preparing a strategy takes work. It also takes the experience and analysis of the current situation to hone the strategy to an easy to communicate and easy to understand set of statements. A good strategy defines the objective and lays out the directions to achieve that objective.

In defining and executing a strategy at any level, the key to achievement of the strategy is Alignment. Alignment, is not just within the team, but is usually across the enterprise and may include other stakeholders outside the enterprise. How do you know whether you have alignment or not? We treat alignment as a process and not just a subjective feel. Here we have Carrow Consulting powered by Schelling Point.

Using this web based methodology supported by interviews and workshops we are able not only measure alignment, but we can ferret out the barriers and reduce them to actions for resolution which gains even better alignment. We do this virtually and thus, are able to reduce months of rambling group grope meetings into days of focused effective discussions. The speed of execution allows for faster implementations and greater harmony in the process.

While it is a must to have a Strategy and essential to have Alignment, Governance is the glue that sustains the direction through the ever changing business environment. Governance is also a process and a distillation of roles and responsibilities as it impacts on investment decisions and coordinated leadership. This may sound simple, like leave it to the Executive Committee to decide. But in practice, unless the Governance Process is defined and implemented with discipline, it will be ignored and replaced by a haphazard decision making process, that will erode alignment and minimize strategy. Our experience and methodologies, based on auditable controls, will help bring the Governance Process alive within the organization.

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