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Founded by John C. Carrow, we are a team of skilled professionals that provide leadership in technology innovation and development, large scale Information Systems implementation, and change management alignment and governance.

John Carrow is a world class technology leader with proven experience in innovation, business strategy and technology management. In his role as a "trusted advisor" he works to develop key client partnerships using his expert knowledge and experience from both the public and private sector. He collaborates with the Corporate and Government Executive Leadership teams to achieve valued solutions which support their customer's business objectives. These strategic and operational skills are outlined in Carrow's resume and LinkedIn profile

Our values are based on serving our customers with excellence and delivering results that allow our customers to succeed in their business objectives. We believe that:

  • Experience and expertise can help create solutions that are more applicable and can drive results rapidly
  • Communications is critical to maintaining alignment with team members and keeping focus on the vision and objectives
  • Project plans and disciplined execution will achieve results and allow for obstacles to be identified and mitigated
  • Being respectful of investors money is critical and achieving ROIs that are significant is fundamental
  • Treating people with dignity and respect in all situations is a hallmark of a professional organization
  • Our ethical performance is based on doing the right thing although it may be more difficult than the easier wrong
  • Enjoy life, have fun and do what is right for your customers
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